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  • Total Rooms: 16.
  • Postal Service, Doctor on call & Free WIFI Service.
  • Vajra Restaurant & Bar.
  • Solar Energy Light in all rooms & Bathrooms, During No Electricity.

Major Festival celebrate in Bhaktapur

Dashain, The longest festival of the year (September/October)

Lasting 15 days, this festival honors the goddess Devi Durga, who is saidto have slain the demon Durga, son of Ruru. Celebrants perform many pujas (offerings) during this festival, including thousands of animal sacrifices.

Tihar, Festival of lights, honors Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. (October)

The Nepalese light up their homes with candles, oil lamps, and other lights to invite the goddess Laxmi in. They also worship crows, dogs, and cows during this festival and set aside one day to honor brothers. The Mha puja, a day of revering one own body and life, is celebrated on one day of this festival.

Gai-Jatra, Cow Festival. (July/August)

This festival focuses on families in bereavement. Every family who lost a relative in the past year participates in a procession with a cow or a young boy dressed as a cow. The cow, it is believed, helps the deceased reach heaven.

Bisket Jatra, Nepalese New Year celebration, (April)

In which chariots are pulled through the streets and ultimately a tug of war over them determines who will be blessed with good fortune in the coming year. This celebration is also observed with picnics and other private get-togethers.